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Have you cottoned on!? There are many reasons to choose organic cotton rather than the conventional; the planet, wildlife, worker’s welfare and for you.

  1. It loves your skin-
    no more toxic pesticide residues in your clothes and personal care products. Organic cotton keeps your skin and your body from these harsh chemicals.
    protect the skin from cotton
  2. It supports wildlife-
    keeping the air waterways clean protects birds, animals, and bees from poisonous chemicals, so you are looking out for all creatures big and small.
    organic cottton pro
  3. It looks after workers-
    certified organic cotton is fairly traded because it regulated. This assures safe working conditions and rights and pays a fair wage, helping to support cotton workers and their families.water cotton
  4. It protects the health of others-
    toxic pesticides used in conventional farming can travel up to 25 miles in the air and water streams, causing health problems such as poisoning infertility and birth defects. Organic agriculture keeps damaging chemicals away from cotton workers in the fields and protects communities nearby.protests the healt organic cotton
  5. It takes care of the environment-
    conventional cotton is the heaviest pesticide spread crop. It uses a massive 16% of the world’s insecticides and puts greenhouse gases by avoiding pesticides. Organic farming not only keeps the air cleaner but removes CO2 from the atmosphere thanks to healthy fertile soil.

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  1. Barbara K. says:

    Can you guys post more about organic fashion?
    It something that I started to explore and I find it really interesting.

    1. Thank you for the feedback. We will for sure take it in consideration.
      Have a blessed day:-)

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