7 Must haves in your Purse

7 Must haves in your Purse

Finding the perfect handbag can be a bit of a tiring task. But once you find the perfect one, you find yourself tangled in another nagging dilemma; what to and what not to keep in the purse. Some women, just to be on the safe side, fill them up with anything and everything possible, while others prefer to carry light and pack in only a few essentials they might need on the go. So what exactly one must-have in the bag, so that you can handle the emergencies too at the same time comfortably carry it around. After discussing with my peers, I came up with a list of seven things that need to be in your bag at all times. So scroll down to know the secrets.

1) Stash of Cash

Though given it’s an era of instant cash Apps and credit cards, keeping some cash in your purse won’t hurt. Cash would come to your rescue in times when you find yourself standing in the middle of nowhere, no internet nothing. Therefore keep a few dollar bills in the purse, even if you know you won’t need it because of you better safe than sorry!


2) Make-up bag

We all know what a day of stressful work can do to our otherwise lively face, or a night of wreckless drinking can bring forth. To freshen up, and save yourself in an unannounced meeting it’s always beneficial to carry a small make-up bag, bearing the essentials to your make-up. Make sure you have it filled with the following supplies:

  • CONCEALER – It’s practically all you need, after gym smudges, concealer. Emotional breakdown, cover it up with concealer!
  • Lip Stick and Lip balm – Spare lipsticks in your bag can save you when you forget to apply some at home while rushing for work. Similarly, say no to dry chaps with the lip balm.
  • Moisturizer – It should be there, no arguing on this one.
  • Sunblock – You might need it during the day, or if your friends come up with an impromptu plan of hitting the beach 😉
  • Wet wipes – Another essential which has to be there!

3) A pocketbook

Perfect for on the go inspirations and especially for those who like jotting down little details whether it is from a meeting or simply random ramblings of the mind. And it is an added benefit if the pocketbook is a multitasker, so yeah keep this in and you are good to go!

4) Pain killers

I do get pretty bad headaches easily, and without my Advil, I act like an angry gorilla on escape. So to prevent such encounters pain killers should be there.

5) Sanitary Kit

It’s always good to have tampons, pads, panty liners, and wipes, even when you are not on your periods. For somebody always needs one somewhere 😉 Place this all separately in a pouch and place it inside your handbag.

6) Phone fittings

Don’t I repeat don’t leave the house without your charger, earphones and of course your cell phone? You would do yourself a score good by carrying these pluses, nobody likes a person asking for a phone charger. So yeah, these are all must-haves/keeps!

7) Hair accessories

Hair ties and a pack of bobby pins will save you from messy hair, and give you a chance to redo them into different styles on different occasions on the same day!

Well, this pretty much sums up the required things that at least I would definitely have in my bag. Do let me know what other stuff you guys carry in the comments below.


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