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Ethiopian hand weaving is renowned worldwide for its intricacy and luxurious texture for over centuries. Continuing the legacy, we sell handmade and hand-woven products which are made by traditional and highly professional artisans from Ethiopia.

Our products are handmade in Ethiopia mainly from natural cotton. Our inspiration for is the simple wish to transform the fast world of fashion by providing our beautiful customers with premium handmade, top quality, and honest Ethiopian clothing.

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We are preserving Ethiopian’s origins and combining a western modern touch that creates comfortable, classic and unique outfits that everyone would be happy to wear.

The top-class materials, design, equipments and techniques used, make our products durable and purposeful. Each garment has its very own artistic quality and Ethiopian touch, with a sense of personalization that be passed on to the next generation.


As you probably know, we Ethiopians have a widely diverse range of traditional cloths. You can recognize from far the symbols of it whether it’s the unique style of the embroidery on the dresses, the exceptional hair styles or the antique jewelries. So if you are looking to embrace the culture this is our special category for you, welcome to a tiny part of the huge Ethiopian culture.

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