African Fashion Trends For 2019

The culture of Africa is a beautiful one and is rich in traditions,

which does reflect beautifully in their trends and styles. With the New Year rolling in upon us, the fashion and trends of Africa have also decided to step up a little and upgrade their style game. From bold color statements to clothing pieces with stylish cuts, African fashion has gone all out this year in terms of blowing minds away. Here are some of the best African fashion trends for 2019 so you can get familiar with these super cool trends.

#1 Kimono Is The Hot Topic:

A Kimono is the talk of the town of African fashion trends this year; it gives you multiple outfits without any hassle.

#2 Maxi Dresses With Cultural Prints:

African trends have embraced their culture beautifully by incorporating cultural prints into maxi dresses for a bold and beautiful formal outfit.

Ethiopian Dresses

#3 Dare To Go All White:

Wearing white from head to toe is Africa’s method of choice for making a trendy statement this year.

ethiopian design clothing

#4 Wrap In Some Style:

In this year’s trends, Africa has made the cool decision of putting fashionable and classy clothing items under the spotlight; that’s right, wrap skirts!

#5 Eye-Catching Sleeves:

Turn all the heads with some eye-catching, bold sleeves to feel up to the minute.


Africa has always stepped forward confidently when it comes to fashion trends since they have such a rich culture holding a lot of depth, which they use the best to come up with some amazing ideas to incorporate in their trends. The African fashion trends for 2019 are no less jaw-dropping, so here we have compiled a few of the best of those trends so you can rock 2019 in the best of fashion.

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