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How to Always be Stylish – 6 Fashion Tips

Want to always look stylish?

Are you having one of those days that you’re feeling super lazy and you think to yourself:  “what I will wear today”?

Here are some tips that will assist you in those days.


First tip is “when in doubt wear black”; whether it’s an all-black item or just a black item in an outfit, black really adds an element of chic and style.

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Throw on some sunnies; you always look super chic and stylish and kind of aloof with a pair of sunglasses on.


If you haven’t had time to do your make up pair of big sunnies can solve you the problem.
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Red lipstick

This really adds a really nice touch to an outfit or an overall look.

It’s such a classic for a reason there’s something about it that as soon as you put on a red lipstick the whole outfit looks way more, it’s like a final touch.


Heels or White sneakers

Throw a pair of heels and it will elevate your look; wearing heels make your whole outfit look a lot more sophisticated and stylish, you just look top notch.
An alternative to wearing heels is to throw out a pair of white sneakers.
Not only are they a lot more comfortable than wearing heels they also add a little bit of street edge to it.

heels or white s

A nice bag

A bag complete an outfit so well that can really just top it off and we think that a really good accessory to have.

Investing in a nice bag that really completes your look, it’s like a cherry on top of a cake. It really does make a difference to an outfit.



It may sound like a really silly small thing to do your nails but when you first meeting people they will notice your hands and the same thing when you go to a job interview.

It don’t have to be crazy fake ones they can be just clean nails or just a bit of paint or plain with a big shape. It makes you look really tidy and put together.

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So these are our 6 ideas of how you can make your look to be more stylish. They are all easy simple things that we all can do and make a difference in our total look.

If you like this style of posts and would like us to do more, let us know in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “How to Always be Stylish – 6 Fashion Tips

  1. Katherine says:

    I love your blog❤
    I would love to see more blog posts on everything related to fashion tips, I learned a lot from your blog.

    Much love from Belgium💕💕

    1. Thank you Katherine,
      we are very happy to know that.
      We will for sure be posting more about fashion tips, stay tuned:-)

      Have a blessed day.

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