Looking Chic While Staying Comfy

The most difficult task a woman faces is choosing the right outfit
when she is outside of her work environment. Something that is stylish yet comfortable, but isn’t this asking too much, stylish and chic at the same time?! crazy right?! how can one look stylish in their comfy sweats or cozy pajamas? Well, we have some trick up our sleeves that not only promise to make you look glam but at the same time offer comfort in your daily routine. Check out these cool recommendations to make your wardrobe stylish yet comfy!

Sneakers, a must-have!

In the past couple of years, the style icons have traded their stilettos for a pair of trendy sneakers. This comfort first mindset has prevailed which means your wardrobe is incomplete without a pair of sneakers. The thing about these beauties is that they are nifty and go with every other casual outfit one owns.

So mark your shopping lists staring with sneakers, preferably white one as they go with every color and give you that required look depending on how you match them up with your dress. Classy, cool, sophisticated, you name it!


Layers are you best buddies

Any fashion icon would say that the secret to looking trendy lies in the layering. There is something about these cardigans and long jackets that no matter what you wear with them or beneath them, they look extremely glam. Top it with a button-up, wear it with a belt, anything, would give you a flattering look.

So the next item on the list goes your layers, cardigans, and duster or long jackets.

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Jeans if not Genes!

As long as they are in fashion make the most of them, skinny jeans. This piece of clothing is extremely beneficial for a casual yet classy look. A couple of them in your wardrobe and you are good to go.



White button-up Shirt

Like staples in a diet, a white button-up is a staple for your wardrobe. You can wear anything and everything. Pull it off with a pair of leggings, jeans maybe, wear it under a cardigan, and match it off with a scarf, literally anything. Depending on the look you want, formal, casual, semi-formal you can pair them off with anything. So make sure your wardrobe has this essential.

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From Sneakers to Ballet Flats

Not cool with sneakers, don’t worry Ballet flats have got your back! Easy, comfy yet at the same time stylish and chic, highlighting your outfit glamorously.


Scarfs and Headbands

Although not the essentials, both these items give a versatile and nifty look to your overall attire. Simple and monochrome outfits are brought to life paired with these essentials. So it’s always good to have them in your closet.

Ethiopian Women scarf


Don’t forget that Handbag

Last but not the least, to finish up that comfortable trendy look, carry a cute stylish handbag. It makes the outfit stand out and completes the look. So make sure you buy something that goes with most of your outfits.



That pretty much sums up the tricks one needs to look iconic in the most comfy way. Stay tuned for more updates on latest fashion trends and more of such nifty tricks.

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