Ethiopian handlooms and woven cotton is an artisan’s dream and resonates boldly with Ethiopia’s culture and tradition. Ethiopian hand weaving is world renowned for its intricacy and luxurious texture. Kemis came into being with a vision as bold as Ethiopia’s vibrant artistry where contemporary cotton and ground looms were embellished with intricate patterns.

Kemis stutters with intricacy and embarks on a journey resonant enough to cause the wheels to spin and weave cotton by themselves. Comprising of hand-woven intricate patterns and striking embroidery, Kemis consists of a hard working force that treats the needle with delicacy. Here we craft delicate fabric and wove the intricate fibers into startling patterns that describe the local culture.

Ethiopia is renowned for hosting tradition through its hand woven cotton looms since ancient times. Its patterns have been reminiscent of the hard-working struggles that are combatted with courage and resilience by our working forces. They speak of the years of heritage, of hardships, of effort and pure artisanship. Our working forces comprise of both men and women, who have divided their work with sheer quality and excellence. Each role in crafting a masterpiece that speaks for itself.

Our cotton is woven into the exceptional designs you wear today by hand. We try to capture the local as well as the emerging modern trends to conjure up mesmerizing designs that catch your eye. This deals with a number of processes, all of which are passed down from generation to generation and shared by hand. Ethiopia strives to eradicate gender inequality, and it can be seen in our carefully harvested hand looms as well.

The cotton is believed to be harvested with pride and attention, which is then prepared and consequently spun into yarn quite exquisitely by women. The hand-weaving of looms is handled with intricacy and utmost care by men who take the process of weaving quite seriously and as an important constituent of textile and fine art.

The threads are dyed without preservatives, and are therefore soaked in beetroot, berries, flowers and bark to adapt to the vibrant hues. Artisans at Kemis have therefore, managed to keep the ancient tradition and culture of Ethiopia alive, thus promoting livelihood and gender equality.

We at Kemis believe to struggle for a vision that not only facilitates our hand-weaving experts but also local designers and traders who are impressed by Ethiopian culture and patterns. We want to spread the beautiful colors, the embroideries, the authenticity, which are reflected in authentic handmade Ethiopian tradition throughout the world, so that everyone can share our rich heritage.

We strive to emphasise a unique style, a different shopping experience and a different marketing approach. We believe in meeting the requirements of our customers for which Kemis aims to promote artisanship and immaculate craftsmanship through its hand-looms.

We believe in treasuring the hopes of our designers and clientele by providing them a unique business model to rely on. We at Kemis believe in establishing a lifelong relationship with our clients through our prints, designs and patterns. Our customer care service can be reached at any time for any queries. Moreover, we aim to strive towards prosperity which we believe can’t be done without the constant and undying support of our clients.