Wedding dress roles code- What Not To Wear

Whether it is your friend’s wedding or a relative’s, dress shopping is a must these days! It is quite exciting to go out and enjoy the latest fashion statements of the season. However, there are certain things that you must respect when attending a wedding. Some people make crucial mistakes when picking out a dress to attend a wedding. It isn’t because they did it on purpose. Most simply didn’t know. To prevent you from making this futile mistake, here we have 5 tips that help you understand what not to wear to a wedding.

White is a big no!

You shouldn’t go for white or any shade of white for that matter. Remember that’s someone else’s wedding and they need to stand out in their white. You will look incredibly out of sorts if you pair her white dress with yours. It’s something that is important to the bride. After all, it’s her big day, hence, we advise you to stay clear of the whites whenever you attend any wedding. If case you consider wearing Ethiopian dress, we got you covered. Under each dress in our shop we have the color of the outfit.

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Sweats aren’t a wedding thing

Yes, sweat may be coming into fashion on the red carpet, but they shouldn’t be making an appearance at a wedding. Weddings aren’t casual at all. You need to dress sleek and according to the dress code if there is one. After all, you are representing the bride or the groom. It’s best if you stick to formals and dress up for the occasion.

Denim isn’t going to work here

Once again, denim is casual. Although they make a statement on almost every other event, a wedding just isn’t the place where you would like to see someone wearing it. It’s safe to say that you shouldn’t be wearing denim to any wedding at all. It gives off a casual vie while a wedding is all about the formals and the well-put-together dresses.

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Shorts won’t work

A destination wedding in the Maldives sure calls for shorts! No! It doesn’t! Remember, the heat can be too much to tolerate but you can’t be attending a formal function with shorts. If it’s too much to tolerate, you can always opt for a loose, soft fabric dress. You can also try out a sweet onesie that is loose or a knee length dress that is both airy and stylish.

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Respect the ambiance

The wedding could be taking place in a church or could call for a more modest dress code. At these times, it is best to have a shawl or a scarf at hand that you can conveniently place on your shoulders in a church. Having bare shoulders can be disrespectful in these situations. You can also find the venue beforehand and dress appropriately so that you won’t have to worry about any scarves at all.

These are all the little things that you must take of when you are attending a wedding. Although they are small, it’s surprising how many people forget them. This list will help you dress appropriately. So, that you can enjoy the event, being fashionably appropriate!
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