Wedding Dress Shopping- Dos and Don’ts

Every girl dreams of a perfect wedding, so much that some even know what kind of wedding dress they want since five. However, some haven’t thought about it, till their mother in law nags them on whether had they chosen the perfect fit for the wedding or not. Choosing the perfect dress can be befuddling, but with the following tips, we make sure that you get to buy the one you desire without much trouble.

Prepare in advance

Do your research beforehand. Get an idea of the style and the type of dress you want before heading to the stores. Search online, flip through fashion mags, make notes, anything that helps you form some sort of outline would help.

Fix your budget

This is by far the most important point. Make sure you don’t cheat yourself here and know how much you can spend before going to the dress appointment. And once decided, look for dresses in that range only, for it is a miserable feeling if you fall in love with an expensive one, but you know you can’t afford it.

Have sufficient time at your hands

Schedule everything accordingly. You don’t want a rushed gown that always leads to disaster. Make sure to make an appointment a month before, allotting an average of 8 months for the dress to be made makes it a year’s worth of preparation.

Be positive

This is the backbone of all the agenda. Enter that store with this in mind that you will find your dream gown. Entering in hopelessly would only result in complications and trust me this way you will never find that perfect dress. So yeah, we need positive vibes, go with the flow I would say!

Cut that entourage short!

Too many chefs spoil the broth, and that’s exactly what tends to happen. The bride gets overwhelmed by so many voices and choosing becomes even more difficult. So only bring along someone, whose opinion you respect.

The right size

This is a big problem, which almost every bride faces. Trying on a dress with size 8 and upon completion being reduced to size 6 calls for trouble. Some even go as far as insisting to be measured on a size less than they are in hopes they might lose that weight, but this never happens. The dress fittings are crucial so you should give the right size.


Be open to new ideas and styles. Don’t set your mind to a single style that would only result in more trouble for the designer and eventually for you.

Get to know your body

Be comfortable with your body, get to know it. Try out different styles to see which one adorns those curves, or which one accentuates that height.

High Heels

Bring a pair of heels with you to the fitting if you know what heel height you want. Although the salon would have them, if you know beforehand what you want, it will save some time.

The right undergarments

It’s best to bring your support garments, the salon will have strapless bras, but if you are busty its best to bring your garments.

Trunk Show

You can save up on money by going to a Trunk show. Boutiques offer concessions and you might get to meet the designer. So yeah it’s worth the effort.

1 is good 2 is a blessing

If your budget is a bit loose than it won’t hurt to buy two gowns for the same day. This way you get to wear more than one style, and well it would simply be awesome!

To each her own

Every bride is exclusive and so is her journey to find the dress. Don’t get in depression because you didn’t find your one in the first try, considering your best friend got hers in the first. You both are different souls. So stay calm, observe, take a deep breath and be patient you will find yours too eventually!

The First Pictures

Don’t I repeat don’t overstress over the pictures you took on the first try? That dress was not your fit; the one you will be wearing will be made to fit your body perfectly. So chill!

Love at first sight

When you eventually find the dress, you will immediately fall in love with it. When such a moment happens, know you have found what you have been looking for.

You will end up making a strong bond with the dress, just like when you are in a serious relationship. Hence if you find yourself second-guessing the choice, that dress isn’t the one you are looking for.

This sums up the list of the dos and don’ts of finding the perfect dress. I hope it helps all the future brides out there!!
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